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    After Party and Event Cleaning

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    After Party and Event Cleaning


    After a festive party, next day cleaning tends to be off the cards. Whether it is at your residence, office or rent out space, we will take care of restoring. We will ensure that the venue looks good as new. Our after party/event cleaning service also offers party preparations to give the premises a pristine and welcoming makeover, whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday party or a large family gathering.

    For any upcoming events, we can help!

    A Step-by-Step routine on how we give your party area the RCM treatment.

    Pre Party

    • The first priority clean is the main party area, where the majority of the task will be spent.
    • Dusting all surface areas, brushing and cleaning available furniture including hard areas.
    • The bathroom will be professionally sanitised with our special cleaning detergents to ensure a sparkling

    Post Party

    • Leftover food will be stored and packed (if required).
    • We will ensure that the furniture will be reorganised prior to its default allocation.
    • Pick up particles from the ground, especially forgotten belongings to return to rightful owners.
    • The kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned (i.e. work-tops, sinks) and the contents will be allocated back to the shelves and drawers.
    • In addition, the entire party area will be vacuumed and mopped. Throughout the procedure, special cleaning detergents will be used to complete the tasks.