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    Refrigerator Cleaning

    From £13 1 hour

    Refrigerator Cleaning


    Cleaning the refrigerator can be a long process, especially when there’s zero to minimal time to execute such tasks. And that’s where we step in.

    A Step-by-Step routine on how we give your refrigerator the RCM treatment.

    • Our professional cleaners will ensure the refrigerator is functioning properly before unplugging the power cord.
    • The contents from the units will be removed and safely put into a container. Highly perishable items such as dairy and fresh products will be placed into a cooler.
    • The area will be covered where the cleaning will take place before pulling out the shelf and drawers and place them on the counter. Ensure they reach the room temperature before cleaning them to avoid cracks.
    • The cleaning procedure will use special detergence, especially non-chemical. Instead food-safe option: a spray of half vinegar or baking soda and water.
    • When the fridge is professionally cleaned to perfection all the items will be assembled and placed back. Additionally, the expiration date of the items will be also checked to ensure you haven’t been harboring any long-expired products.

    Our refrigerator cleaning operation eliminates smells and dried-up spills.