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    Rental Cleaning

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    Rental Cleaning


    It can be tiring to keep up with the maintenance of rental properties, especially during end of lease and short term rental periods, where the property has scuffs on the walls, unclean carpets, and bathrooms. Our rental cleaning services are suitable for landlords, property owners or tenants. Those who wish to have their properties cleaned to the highest standard. In order to ensure the next long-term or short-term tenants are satisfied.

    A Step-by-Step routine on how we give your properties the RCM treatment.

    • Our professional cleaners will evaluate the property to ensure everything is check-listed before executing. The service is mainly broken down into four consecutive sections: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Living room.
    • The area will be covered where the cleaning will take place before the kitchen cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure dark corners are free from particles. All the surfaces will be scrubbed using special detergent to eliminate any germs. Any debris and dirt behind refrigerators and shelves will be instantly removed.
    • The bathroom will be swept, mopped and polished including the toilet areas. Bathroom mirrors and shower areas will be also clear from any form of bacteria and limescale causing dirt.
    • The living room will be looked after as vacuuming, dusting and window cleaning will be effectively carried out.
    • The bedroom will be similarly carried out like the living room clean with additional routines such as wall cleaning, mirrors, and frames including none-furniture items.
    • Throughout the procedure, special cleaning detergents will be used to complete the tasks.