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    Window Cleaning

    From £47 2 hours

    Window Cleaning


    Window cleaning is a tiresome chore, especially when they need a deep cleanse inside and out. Windows on all premises suffer from the following: busy roads, acidic rain and unbalanced room temperatures resulting in mould, dirt, and dust. We offer professional window cleaning to bring out the beauty in your property.

    A Step-by-Step routine on how we give your premises the RCM treatment.

    • Our professional cleaners will measure the scale of the premises to the hours needed to complete the process, which can take up to 2-3 hours.
    • It’s our duty to ensure all the windows, as well as window filters, are clear from damages and dampness. Before wetting said windows and clean them with razor scrapers to remove stains and anything that on the surface.
    • Additionally, our experienced cleaners will use specific equipment for further reach and hard areas in a safe manner.
    • Cleaners will use special products and detergent that adhere to all rules and regulations that is safe for people and the environment around the premises.